Lease to own: split-level colonial 4 bedrooms 1 bath. Empty until you arrive. I'm waiting when you get here, just like we're all waiting on the inside. You turn to walk away but its all theatre, all theatre. You look at me questioningly for a time and then your gaze grows steady and assured. There's a sadness to you. "You know Marilyn Monroe would be 96 now" you remark. "Maybe its better this way," you say chucking but your tone betrays you. There is no better, there is no worse. There's only motion; light and motion converging together as time. I'm all out of time. I carry you out into the sea to wash you. Your skin flakes defeatedly in my hand. The tide comes in. I give you a bath. I give you a bath. I give you a bath. We both regret. The aching stops and then starts again. Walking distance to train. Off street parking available.

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