Foreclosure sale: just the saddest house you'll ever see. I'm talking onion eyes here, buddy. You think you've got it tough? This guy's losing his home because he spent all his money on his mom's medical bills, and she died anyway. And it's not even a decent home! His mortgage was only $200 bucks a month -- that should tell you what kind of shithole we're dealing with here. One sec, poor sonofabitch is tapping on my office window. SHOW YOUR FACE HERE AGAIN AND WE'LL CALL THE COPS. 

Sorry about that. Anyway, I can't let you look inside b—oh christ he's crying. He's literally on the floor bawling his goddamn eyes out. Jenny, get security up here. Look, it's not a nice place to live. You'd be smart to just raze the building, sit on the land and wait for the area to gentrify. It's gonna happen. GET OFF MY GODDAMN FLOOR. JENNY! Where's my security I asked for? Whoa, hey man, just be cool. You can still walk away from this. Nobody has to ge

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